RPS Revision Course and Mock Assessment: 
Online Programme

Ensuring quality at every step

There are a lot of practice assessment questions out there for trainee pharmacists, and it’s hard to know which ones to trust. At the RPS we ensure quality at every step of our robust processes you can book RPS products with confidence. 

  • Our mock assessment questions are written by a team of pharmacy experts with a wide range of expertise across various sectors of pharmacy. 
  • The RPS has a dedicated Assessment and Credentialling team with experience across several Royal Colleges and membership bodies specialising in high stakes formative assessments. 
  • Questions, answers and rationale are peer reviewed and quality assured at every stage of development. 
  • We use robust mapping to ensure questions are aligned to the GPhC framework and format. And they are unique - you won't be able to access these questions anywhere else. 
  • After you’ve completed the mock assessment, your results and feedback will be collated so you can identify your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll get the explanation behind the right answers so you can properly understand your performance. 
  • Our feedback webinars are designed to bring answer rationales to life and give you the chance to put your questions directly to expert tutors in the final stages of your revision. 
  • With the Summer GPhC assessment in late June, the timing of the mock assessment ensures you can get the most out of it. Put all your revision to the test and still have time to focus the final stages of your revision on any areas of weakness before the real thing