RPS Science and Research Summit 2022: Meet the exhibitors

The Precision Health Technologies Accelerator (PHTA) is a business innovation facility that will soon occupy the top three floors of No.1 BHIC – the flagship building of the ambitious Birmingham Health Innovation Campus. Providing approximately 70,000 square feet of state-of-the-art incubation and collaboration space, PHTA is a catalyst for health and life science businesses to succeed and will provide innovators and small enterprises with access to the expertise, resources and infrastructure to enable translation of healthcare innovations.

Join the PHTA team at the Summit as they showcase – for the first time outside Birmingham - the PHTA's early incubation, grow-on space and innovation services for researchers and businesses working across biopharma (including advanced therapies), diagnostics, digital health and advanced healthcare technologies.



After so long apart, networking will be one of the top reasons why delegates attend conferences and events in 2022. That’s why you’ll find the exhibition at the heart of our event.
A central hub for attendees throughout their time at the conference where all networking,
refreshment breaks and footfall will take place.

Take advantage of dedicated exhibition floor time to maximise your engagement; with all
refreshments and food being served in the exhibition area;

Drive sales success and brand awareness through face-to-face opportunities;

Gain close association with a leading global professional pharmacy body.

Don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to be involved in pharmacy’s most important gathering
of clinical, research and science professionals.

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