RPS Science and Research Summit 2022: Agenda  

This year’s exciting programme will focus on precision medicine and digital health. Our agenda includes a mix of keynote presentations, panel discussions and parallel streams.

Current Agenda

When registering you'll be asked to choose which morning and which afternoon parellel stream you wish to attend. 

09.30 Registration, Breakfast, Exhibition and Networking
10.00 Welcome from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Claire Anderson, President, Royal Pharmaceutical Society 

Professor Parastou Donyai, Chief Scientist, Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Why science remains at the heart of the RPS
Paul Bennett
, CEO, Royal Pharmaceutical Society
10.15 Keynote Address: Time for Implementation 
Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed, NHS Chair of Pharmacogenetics, University of Liverpool and Chair of the Commission on Human Medicine (CHM)
Pharmacogenomics has been around for a long time, and the evidence of its utility has been increasing. Therefore, it is now time to think about implementing pharmacogenomics into the NHS.  This presents many opportunities, but of course there will also be challenges. 
10.45 Refreshments, Exhibition and networking

Parallel Session 1A: Precision Medicine


Summary: How will the NHS implement pharmacogenomics? Is it affordable and how can we ensure equity of access? You will learn the answers to the big ethical and practical questions to the application of precision medicines across different settings and diseases.

Chair: Professor Malcolm Rowland, Professor Emeritus, University of Manchester


Professor Claire Shovlin, Professor of Practice, Imperial College London and Chair, Genomics England Respiratory GeCIP


Molecules to medicines: Understanding the molecular basis of disease is a key goal of genomics research. Learn how DNA variation impacts on human health in the context of environmental stressors, and how this knowledge leads to better treatments for patients.

Christopher McConville, Associate Professor in Pharmaceutics, University of Birmingham and Translational Lead, PHTA Ltd






Parallel Session 1B: Digital Health

Summary: Much is made of the ability of data, technology and AI to transform healthcare, but has the reality lived up to the hype? Are the risks, both ethical and practical, of digital health fully understood? Join this stream to hear what needs to be done to make sure digital changes healthcare for the better. 

Chair: Professor Parastou Donyai, Chief Scientist, Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Professor Sarah Slight, Reader in Pharmacy Practice, Newcastle University

Putting patient safety at the centre of digital health: 

Learn how health Information technology can help prevent medication errors and the economic benefit associated with reducing errors. Find out what role digital technologies can play in encouraging changes to lifestyle behaviours. Learn how predictive analytics in healthcare can help determine the risk of a patient developing a particular condition or complication, which in turn can inform the shared decision-making process between clinicians and patients.

Professor Christopher Yau, Professor of Artificial Intelligence, University of Oxford

Big Data and AI – what does good look like? Combing big data and AI could unlock the treatment of many diseases including cancer. But how can the interpretation of high-dimensional data arising from modern molecular technologies be used to give insights into the molecular basis of human disease? And when it comes to using Artificial intelligence in healthcare, how do make sure best practice is followed?

12.10 The Hanbury Lecture: Interfaces with complexity
Professor Alexander Florence CBE, Emeritus Professor, UCL School of Pharmacy
The talk summarises elements of group work carried out on surfactant, colloid and nanoparticulate systems and their sometimes complex pharmaceutical implications.

Lunch, Exhibition and Networking



Parallel Session 2A: Precision Medicine

Summary: Embedding genomics into routine NHS care by bringing together vital multidisciplinary clinical leadership,  operational and digital functions is no small task in itself.

Add in equal and early access to genomic testing through new models of care then you have a significant transformational project. Learn how this is happening in NHS Trusts across the country.

Chair: Professor Barrie Kellam, University of Nottingham

Raliat Onatade,Group Chief Pharmacist and Clinical Director for Medicines Optimisation, Barts Health NHS Trust
My experience of the Genomics Medicines Services Alliance


Professor Elvira Bramon, Professor of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Head of the Mental Health Neuroscience Research Department, University College London
Biomarkers, genetics and psychosis – can we use pharmacogenomics to choose the most effective mood stabilising drugs?

Parallel Session 2B: Digital Health


Summary: Find out how we can make more from the data we have and make sure we collect the data we need to improve patient care.

Chair: Dr Yogini Jani, Consultant Pharmacist & Clinical Safety Lead Digital Healthcare, UCLH
NHS Foundation Trust
Ashley AkbariSenior Research Manager & Data Scientist, Swansea University

Population Data Science: Using data to support services and improve patient outcomes
: How can population data science be used by a multi-disciplinary team to improve services and people’s outcomes? Learn how big data can be accessed securely and appropriately in the application of data science, to help answer policy-relevant questions.


Professor Reecha SofatBreckenridge Chair in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics and

Head of Department, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Liverpool








The Harrison Lecture (2020 Harrison Medal recipient): Liposomes and Lipid Nanoparticles - delivering vaccines
Professor Yvonne Perrie, Professor in Drug Delivery, University of Strathclyde

15.00 Refreshments, Exhibition and Networking
15.30 The Harrison Lecture 
Professor Abdul BasitProfessor of Pharmaceutics, UCL School of Pharmacy

Panel Discussion
Chaired by: Professor Parastou Donyai, Chief Scientist, Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Professor Chas Bountra, OBE, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Professor of Translational Medicine, University of Oxford

Professor Gino Martini, Managing Director, Precision Healthcare Technologies Accelerator
Dr Keiran Hand, AMR National Pharmacy and Prescribing Clinical Lead, NHS England

More exciting speakers to be revealed. 

17.00 Summary and Close