Driving equality for women in pharmacy

Friday, 19 November 2021 | 10:00 am - 1:30 pm

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Authenticity in Leadership

Discussing the importance of having different types of leadership and a diverse team, what are the different approaches we can take to demonstrating authentic leadership. Within leadership, how do we speak up and consider vulnerability, imposter syndrome and being comfortable in that vulnerability. Why do we need to fake stoicness? 

The BAME Debate

Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, White, Women of Colour - The figures are stark, 60% of pharmacists are women and over a quarter are women of colour, however fewer than 1% of leaders in pharmacy are women of colour. 
Two of the founders of the Female Pharmacy Leaders Network, Reena and Komal will be hosting a panel discussion on how we appeal to not only those women who feel under-represented but those who feel represented too.  If we want to change diversity and inclusion at the top we need to listen and carry everyone along with us.  We’ll be discussing how we do just that.
Join us in this lively honest discussion with our panel to tackle the BAME debate.

Inclusive Professional Practice Patients and Service Users

How are teams leading the way for their patients? Having a diverse workforce is important, this has been evidenced through vaccine hesitancy events and success of the programme. What are pharmacists doing in their local areas to drive this forward? 

Mental Health and Wellbeing – The Impact of Mental Load

Understanding the concept of 'Mental Load', how it impacts women and how working within pharmacy can increase feelings of overwhelm, pressure and perfectionism.

Women’s Health in the Workplace

Considering how we talk about and manage womens health in the workplace aswell as how we can support women as pharmacists in managing particular conditions such as menopause, pregnancy, menstruation, post partum support, breast cancer support.