Mental health events delivered in partnership with See Me Scotland and Time to Change

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We are committed to reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.

We want to help to develop a culture of acceptance and openness so that everyone within the pharmacy team feels supported and is equipped to support patients.

To support this work we’re collaborating with See Me ScotlandTime to Change Wales and Change Your Mind.

In the coming weeks we will be delivering two practical workshops focused on destigmatising mental health. 

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Mental health inclusion in pharmacy:
Supporting the workforce

Wednesday 19 May | 7pm - 8.30pm

This event will provide an opportunity for members to learn about the building blocks of working environments that are inclusive of mental health and free from stigma and discrimination.

We will explore what actions would support employees in their workplace to ask for help when they first struggle with their mental health, and be supported without fear of stigma and/or discrimination.

Join us to: 

  • Understand mental health stigma and discrimination in the workplace, and their impact on people with experience of mental health problems
  • Find out what conditions need to be put in place for mental health inclusive workplaces
  • Learn what actions they can take to contribute to a stigma free culture in the workplace
  • Learn where to find helpful tools and resources to end mental health stigma and discrimination in the workplace