RPS Pre-Registration Revision Course and Mock Exam:

Online Programme


Tailor Your Experience

We understand it’s challenging at the moment. That’s why we’re making our support as accessible as possible.
Create your own schedule by picking and choosing the session times that work for you. 

We are running our sessions on;

Weekdays between 7pm - 9pm,
Sunday morning between 9.30am - 11.30am and
Sunday evening between 6pm - 8pm.


Date Topic
Monday 21 September -
Sunday 27 September

Exam Week

Monday 28 September Feedback: Paper 1
Tuesday 29 September Feedback: Paper 2
Wednesday 30 September Feedback: Paper 2
Thursday 1 October Feedback: Paper 1
Sunday 4 October (AM) Feedback: Paper 2
Sunday 4 October (PM)

Feedback: Paper 1



With thanks to our Sponsor: This virtual event has been supported through additional 
sponsorship from this organisation. No input to the event content was provided.